Day Care Services

Admission Criteria : Persons with Disabilities [PWD] above the age of 18, who are not mainstreamed into Open or Self Employment, are admitted into this Group to keep them occupied during the day, with various Activities, such as :-

Value adding,
Therapy and Relaxation,
These Services are only during Day time.

LifeCare Services

This is for PWDs who require residential & Personal Care, 24 hours.

Criteria for admission

Persons with any type of Disability, with minimum self help skills like toileting & communicating their requirements and capable of living and working in a Group situation. Facilities for Life Care include Accommodation, Fooding, Personal and Medical Care, in addition to the Facilities offered in Day Care.

Respite Care

This is for Persons with Disabilities - to be provided with life Care for short periods- weekends, weeks or months to Facilities parents / guardians. The Facilities offered are similar to that in life Care. This facility will be very useful as a Familiarization Platform for Eventual LifeCare for the PWDs.

Home Bound Care

PWDs who are not in a position to reach our centre, will be Encouraged to make items of daily use from their home [with family support] and which can be marketed thru our Social Marketing wing, Gods Endeavour.


This Service includes Assessment, Counselling, Referrals, Therapy and Facilitation for Training and Open, Self or Group Employment.

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