Modules & Volunteering Options

  1. Attending Orientation Programs

  2. Become "A Friend Of Our G.O.D.S’ "
    - Visit Them Regularly. Centre / Home.
    - Spend At Least One To Two Hours with Them
    - Share News, Jokes, Stories Etc. With Them

  3. Support Role In
    Assessment & Counseling.
    Early Child Hood Intervention
    Pre Voc. Sessions.
    Value Adding Activities
    Care Giving Activities

  4. Direct Active Role In
    Coaching for NIOS Classes/ Personality Enhancement Training
    Introducing new skills in Voc Training.
    Supporting GODS In Other Back Office Activities

  5. Direct Active Role In
    Spreading Awareness And Advocacy
    Contacts And Participation In Exhibition Sales,
    Bulk Sales Contacts
    Regular And Continuous FOG Memberships Drive.
    Supporting GODS In Other Marketing Activities


1. Full Name :
2. Date Of Birth :  Click to Select Date of Birth
3. Gender : MaleFemale
4. Home Address :
5. Work Phone :

Home Phone :
6. Mobile Phone :

Email :
7. Have You Volunteered in the past? YesNo

If Yes, What kind of work did you Volunteer for? Please also name the Organization / Association / Location
8. Have you worked for And / Or are interested in working with people with Disablities? Yes / No. If Yes, Please give details
9. What Are You Interested in doing?

 Work (teach, play) with Children

 Teach Management subjects in GODS’ CEDAT program

 Train our students for nios (includes preparing them for 10th std       exams in subjects like Languages, Economics, Computer       Operations, Vocational subjects like Baking etc.)

 One-on-one Coaching to students

 Spending time (helping with Exercises, Learning new skills &       other talents) with Adults with Disabilities

10. How much time would you want to volunteer for MBA Foundation? (Please Tick Option each in points i, ii, iii)

i)   a) One hour a week

     b) Two hour a week

ii)  a) Morning

    b) Afternoon

iii)  a) Weekdays

     b) Weekends

11. Our location which you would like to volunteer

Powai Chembur Thane Gorai
12. Are there any specific Skills / Talents that you can teach our children and adults (Eg. Pottery, Cooking, Art, Craft, Musical Instrument To Name A Few)? Please Mention
13. Educational Qualification :
14. Profession :
15. How did you hear about MBA Foundation :




 College / Office

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